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The Artist

Tom Myott captures the action and vitality of each subject. The canvas comes alive with a myriad of lush, vibrant colors. Loose animated strokes are the genesis of motion in his work.

Featured Work

Welcome. Below are a few examples of Tom Myotts featured works. You will find a range of vibrant, action based paintings full of color and motion.From Saratoga horse racing to commisioned works of art, an original Tom Myott painting will bring excitement to your art collection.


The hype is real.

Circles. Dots. Dashes

A Painting like no other.

Tom Myott captures a subject with a raw and colorful mark making. The paintings come alive. Toms' art brings a vibrance to the canvas in way that demands attention yet pays an honest tribute to the subject matter. The simple elements of circles, dots, and dashes build upon each other and provide a refreshing heartbeat to his paintings. Amazing works of art that you not only see the can feel it. High end Saratoga galleries, like Silverwood Gallery, showcase the work of Tom Myott.

A natural attraction to thoroughbred racing. Saratoga Springs' rich history in horse racing give Tom the unique access to bring the excitement into you home or gallery.

Thoroughbred racing has been the primary subject of his painting. His large racing images have become the coveted artwork of numerous private collections including a commission of the 2011 Belmont Stakes winner, "Ruler On Ice". Tom was also featured in "Saratoga Living" in 2016 and previously on the cover of the "Saratoga Spirit" magazine and was voted Saratoga's favorite artist. Silverwood Gallery in Saratoga, as well as his own gallery in Glens Falls, represents his work.