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About Tom Myott

Authentic Passion

Tom Myott is a man with a passion for experimenting with new ideas and it shows in everything he does. His signature painting style using circles, dots, and dashes was developed over many years from a variety of techniques inspired by such artists as Seurat’s Pointillist works to Chuck Close and his grid system with a smattering of ideas from other Impressionists and Contemporary artists. 

But it’s Myott’s love of horses and thoroughbred racing at the Saratoga Racetrack that has been the main focus for many of his paintings for over a decade. The lush vibrant colors and the loose use of his paint strokes combined with the sense of live action create an artistic version of the excitement of being at a horse race unlike any other. It’s this sense of movement and the large powerful visions of muscular horses as the jockeys race around the track in colorful stable colors that has created his large following of racing enthusiasts as collectors for his paintings.

Capturing the moment.

In recent years he has added to his painting repertoire with hunters, jumpers and dressage at other regional horse shows such as the annual Lake Placid Horse Show in the Adirondacks. The added benefit of the mountains, lakes and beauty of the show pageantry offers yet another backdrop to his love of horses that have made his paintings the coveted artwork of numerous high profile collectors.

Painting as a voice.

Tom has been experimenting with new ideas all his life but it is his almost child like simplistic approach in seeing and experiencing new events, places and scenery that continues to inspire him to try to capture the emotion and excitement of the world around him in new and different creative ways. And while not every new artistic experiment becomes as successfully known and financially successful as his various equine paintings have, it is that never ending quest to try new ideas that keeps his work fresh and relevant.

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